Merry Christmas

All the best wishes to all for a Merry Christmas! Just don't end up like this guy . . . .



Dave Starr said...

And a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours too. (I thought he was bringing that snow to the Philippines, haven't seen any in 10 years now, LoL)

No Longer a Factor said...

Back at you buddy! All the best to you in the coming year. We'll keep an eye peeled for any possible snow. Believe me, you're not missing much. Meanwhile; you should keep scanning the horizon for typhoons! Be safe.


AC2usn said...


"Slow Passage of,,," Did not make. AC2usn

Happy New Year, Stay safe.

No Longer a Factor said...

A belated happy new year to you too, AC2usn! About the "Slow Passage" post; I inadvertently posted it before completion. It'll be out soon.