The Importance of Being Earnest

Oscar Wilde
No; this post is not about Oscar Wilde's hilarious "Trivial Comedy for Serious People." We all know the aviation industry is far from trivial. However, we folks at the ATC end of it can certainly attest to how comedic it can be at times - comedic, frustrating, intense and tragic. Above all though, it's damned rewarding and, as far as I'm concerned, the best job ever. (Only those known to run with scissors need apply) Yeah, you've gotta be a bit crazy too.

And speaking of things rewarding; have you followed the Society of Airway Pioneers link in my "Recommended Reading" list? Although each of those links will take you to interesting places; I'm pointing this one out because it'll take you inside the aviation industry like no other website does. If you are or ever were involved in air traffic control or any of the other qualifying aviation related professions listed below; you ought to sign up.  It's your Society.

From the Society's Website:
"Membership in the Society of Airway Pioneers is open to those individuals whose endeavors, current or past, include: development, installation, testing, maintenance,  operation, engineering, Flight Inspection, General Aviation/Air Carrier Airworthiness, Certification, Licensing, Training and Administration of any programs associated with the Federal Airways System which continuously provides safe and expeditious services to those utilizing the air transportation system.  It additionally includes current or previous flight crew members, dispatchers, or DOD Air Traffic Personnel."

Between The Society's Internet presence, their quarterly newsletter and annual magazine, I've gotten an extra large helping of great reading. I have also discovered many comrades and colleagues among their membership roster and noted the passing of several folks who strongly influenced my FAA career.

In this Blog, I have shared many of my memories; both funny and not so funny. For me, it's a cheap form of therapy. I'm sure you have your own stories as well. Are you willing to share them? If so; there's no better way to do it than by joining the Society of Airway Pioneers and telling those stories. Think of your writings as belated entries in your personal journal. You will enjoy recalling and writing about them. You'll probably even enjoy re-reading your own recollections as much as others will. Maybe even more. To quote Oscar Wilde himself; “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”  C'mon, admit it; you've had a sensational career.

When it comes to standing with your extended aviation family by joining and actively supporting the Society of Aviation Pioneers; the importance of being earnest cannot be overemphasized. Your Society needs you now. I urge you to log on, join up (or pay up) and remember; The Society of Airway Pioneers is not just history - it's your heritage.

My thoughts.

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