Rather Easy

When I came to that fork in the road, you know the place, where it's time to decide what to do with the rest of your life, it's a damned good thing I didn't stop to see if there were matching knives and spoons. I might have decided to become a professional pilot rather than a controller. Who knows? Maybe I would have had a few more laughs up there in the flight levels than I did on the ground working airplanes.

That brings me to this day's training video. There guys are good but when it came to irritating people; no one did it better than us controllers. Pilots, FAA management, other controllers and even the early rising idiots who'd call the tower to complain about jet noise - we pissed 'em all off. It was actually rather easy and even good for an occasional laugh. 

But these guys do have all the necessary skills . . . 

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