Just Between Us

I want to thank all four or five of you who actually read this Blog. I've enjoyed hearing from you and always appreciate the feedback. Since I have not posted anything new recently, you may suspect I've either lost interest or have finally run out of material. Far from it. I still have lots to tell and plan to get it all down in print before I forget. But Spring is finally here and I can no longer use poor weather as an excuse not to do all my outdoor chores.

I am working on a new posting but its just taking longer than it should. Its the old "Other duties as assigned" thing. Thanks again for reading and I hope to hear from everyone again one day. Meanwhile, enjoy the season.



Kevin said...

That's the nature-of-the-beast when it comes to blogging. While you're doing your 'other duties as assigned' your head is pondering your next post. We all do it and our significant others understand. The sacrifice is usually made in the wee hours of the morning at the end of a long day when all is quiet. There's strength and growth to be found in the introspection.

No Longer a Factor said...

There is truth and wisdom in what you say, my friend. I'm checking my alarm clock for that "wee hours of the morning" setting. Thanks for writing! ~NLAF

Anonymous said...

As 20-25% of your supposed readers, may I just say...Don't stop. I find your stories to be well written, enjoyable, entertaining and on the mark to those of us who have had the privilege of being behind the mike. NLAF…hardly.
You have a gift and obviously many great stories to tell and I for one, hope you will share many more of them.
Enjoy the great weather by all means, but know that there are those of us who are looking often for traffic here.

No Longer a Factor said...

Thanks for the nice comments Anon! I believe you just helped me to finally finish my most recent post. ~NLAF

Anonymous said...

As a working staff specialist long off the boards I state that your path is taken by many. Your story is ours. You write it much better than I. Tom

No Longer a Factor said...

Thank you Tom. I have hoped readers would see that my story is theirs and would feel the many common threads that run through me and connect us all. I too am "long off the boards" but my heart is still right there.

Thanks so much for writing!